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Fitness Instructor Near Me

Which Gym Coach Near Me Can Help With My Weight Loss Goals?

What goes through your mind when you first walk into the gym? That thought process will decide how the rest of your workout goes. For many new individuals to the fitness world, overcoming this initial hurdle can be the difference between success and complete failure. Here at the New Body Personal Training Studio, I work closely with my private clients in order to offer them the knowledge needed to become a fitness success. Let's explore what we can accomplish together when it is time to hit the weight room!

My name is Tracia and I am going to be your certified personal trainer. I own and operate my own fitness studio in Los Angeles where I have been training clients for over two years. Along the way, I have come to learn that what I offer is different from every other fitness instructor near me. As someone who has been through weight loss and weight gaining journeys, I understand the unique hurdles that each fitness journey can offer. With years of experience in the fitness center backed by my personal struggles with weight, my work at the New Body Personal Training Studio stands for itself. So, if you've been looking for the top 'gym coach near me', then your search has come to an end!

When it comes time to book your personal training session, you are going to want to explore the different packages that I have available. I offer both individual and group training workouts, though all sessions are private and must be booked ahead of time. I offer individual, monthly, and private group training packages based on how many days per week you'd like to train. If you are unsure as to which package is right for you, merely fill out the contact form on my page. I'll be happy to walk you through a free consultation to find out which program is right for you.

Are you ready to embrace your new life? Call New Body Personal Training Studio today for the best fitness instructor near me!

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