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Fitness Coach Near Me

Discover a Healthier Body With A Personal Weight Loss Trainer.

When it comes time to find a fitness coach near me, do you know what should be prioritized? As a certified personal trainer myself, I know what it takes to lead my clients toward their fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight or pack on muscle, I will be able to help you at my office, the New Body Personal Training Studio. Here at the New Body Personal Training Studio, I am able to offer my clients the perfect fitness package to accommodate their fitness journey. Let's explore the benefits of a weight loss trainer together!

My name is Tracia and I am the owner of the New Body Personal Training Studio. My path to fitness wellness hasn't always been easy. As someone who has personally suffered from being both underweight and overweight, I am aware of the problems that my clients have to face. With my first-hand experience as a weight loss trainer, I can help sculpt the fitness routine that you need in order to find your way back to health and wellness.

While I focus on private personal training, I also understand how impactful it can be to workout with a friend. As a result, I offer group personal training packages to all of my clients. If you are looking to book more than three people at a time, please reach out to me before purchasing your fitness package so that I may serve your needs as best I can.

If you want conventional one-on-one training, I am happy to offer a variety of training packages. Each session typically lasts 45 minutes up to an hour. My packages range from two to three workout sessions per week, pending the needs of the client in question.

Are you ready to change your life? Reach out to book your first training session with the New Body Personal Training Studio, today!

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